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Top 5 Results ( 02/04/2019 & 03/04/2019 )
2019-04-02 09:07:26


Gets 1 plus 1 Offer

2019-04-02 20:44:07


Gets 1 plus 1 Offer

2019-04-02 13:23:07

Anuj Kumar

Gets 50% Discount

2019-04-02 18:08:18


Gets 25% Discount

2019-04-03 11:09:31

Sukhbir Singh

Gets 25% Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this would not be possible. We advise you to use only your email id, name, and mobile number to avail the offer. In case the details do not match with you we have full rights to cancel your coupon.

Kindly check your spam folder in your inbox for the email. If you still have not received, just chat with our support team and they will provide you the coupon code after verifying the details you have entered. So kindly fill the right details. In case of tricky/false verification, you can get banned from all our offers and discounts even in future.

You should contact us on WhatsApp, we will then verify your details and you can avail the offer/discount.

Yes, you must redeem the coupon in seven days.

No, you can not play the game for the same set of offers/discounts. You have to wait for the new one to play again.